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Professor of International Business

Parissa Haghirian: Willkommen

As a Professor of International Business at Sophia University, my research explores Japanese management practices, leadership styles, workplace dynamics, and cross-cultural negotiation strategies. I have authored and edited numerous books that provide insights into Japanese management practices and business culture. My body of work covers topics such as Japanese leadership styles, cross-cultural negotiation techniques, navigating the unique dynamics of Japanese workplaces, and effectively integrating foreign workforce into Japanese companies.

My consulting guides global companies on integrating foreign personnel, building inclusive teams, and succeeding in Japan's unique business environment. I also frequently keynote at major international conferences, equipping executives with practical frameworks for effective cross-cultural communication and negotiation tailored to the Japanese context.

Extending my passion for cultural exchange, I founded the Haghirian Foundation to support artist residencies, scholarships, and the celebration of diverse creative voices across Asia and Europe. The Haghirian Fine Arts Gallery, established by my family, further showcases this multicultural artistic vision.

In addition to my academic and consulting work, I advise startups entering the Japanese market, combining deep cultural expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset. As a strategic advisor for Japan Marketing Discovery, a boutique Tokyo consultancy, I specialize in market entry and localization strategies.

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