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Parissa Haghirian: Japanese Management Expert

Parissa Haghirian is an internationally renowned expert on Japanese Management and Leadership and a Professor of International Management at Sofia University.  She is the author of 12 books on Japanese Management, Cross-Cultural topics, and Consumer Dynamics.  We examine these as well as some cultural concepts from her latest book. We also discuss how Japanese management practice is uniquely different,  successful Japanese corporate survival strategies and what foreign firms can learn, why cross-cultural business issues are often Japan specific, and her favorite language concept "50 ways to say No in Japanese which don't actually include No".



Resilience Podcast #13 – Japanese Management Adjustments

The crisis is changing the way how Japanese firms do things. There will be, where possible and opportune, differences in working styles.
We are at the dawn of a new era in which organisations operating in Asia and Europe will rethink the way they do international business. The coronavirus-pandemic has brought about a simultaneous supply and demand shock for many industries. As yet, the consequences are not clear. But the political and socio-economic fallout companies that operate internationally in ways they haven’t been challenged before.
In responding to the growing need of companies for suggestions in dealing with the Covid adversity, we have collected insights and impulses from leading experts on Asian Business.
The podcast series covers a range of regions. Theyshed light on pressing issues facing the world of Asian business.

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Episode #34 - Parissa Haghirian, Sophia University

Parissa Haghirian is Professor of Japanese Management at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.
In our podcast, we discuss what defines the Japanese management system, how it differs from Western management, and in fact "demystify" Japanese management; we debate examples of successful Western managers in Japan, the role of women in Japanese business, and how the Japanese governments' pandemic response is (or is not) an expression of the Japanese management style.



Brands in Japan: An International and Intercultural Management Perspective on Brands

Join the conversation with Parissa Hagirian, who shares her perspectives on brands in Japan. She will talk about the challenges international brands face entering the Japanese market and why Japanese brands are so successful.

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