Understanding Japanese Business Practices

A 2 Day Seminar on Japanese Management at Sophia University Community College

With Prof. Parissa Haghirian

Seminar Language       English 

When                               October 20 and October 27

Time                                10.30 to 16.15

                                          (three lectures per day)

Price                                Total 16,200円 

                                          (including seminar materials)

Location                          Sophia University,

                                          Yotsuya Campus, Tokyo


This 2-day seminar will introduce the main concepts of Japanese management. It will introduce you to key concepts of Japanese management and the Japanese organization. You will learn more about what Japanese management is and how do Japan’s management practices differ from those in the other industrialized countries. Topics: Structure and background of the J-Firm, Japanese management practices, communication and negotiation in the multinational firm in Japan.



Interactive lectures, role plays, experiential exercises, case studies.



After completion of the seminar the participants

  • will understand the basics of Japanese business culture
  • recognize differences to their own culture
  • improve your communication with Japanese business partners
  • have practical knowledge in dealing with Japanese customers and colleagues