Call for Papers “Changes and Continuities in Japan’s Employment System and Human Resource Management” A special issue of “Contemporary Japan”


Guest Editor

Dr. Parissa Haghirian

Professor of International Management

Sophia University, Japan



The Japanese economy faced numerous challenges in the past decades. Among them are severe shocks caused by natural disasters and by domestic and international financial crises, but also long-term fundamental transformations like demographic change, globalization and digitalization as well as economic reforms addressing the labor market, corporate governance and employment practices.

In this special issue, we want to take stock of how the changes in the economic, regulatory, technological and international environment affected the Japanese employment system (system level), and the recruitment, management and development of human resources (management level) since the year 2000. Papers may either address the system or management level. We aim at an overall balance between system and management level analyses.

Guiding questions are:

-          To what extent did adjustments occur?

-          To what extent did they differ across industries and firms?

-          To what extent do we see continuity?   

Multi-disciplinary perspectives and a wide range of research methodologies (such as literature reviews, qualitative or quantitative studies) are welcome. All papers (max 6000 words each) will go through a double blind peer-review process.




Japanese Employment System, Japanese Labor Markets, Japanese Management, Japanese Human Resource Management, Lifetime Employment.



Deadline for manuscript transmissions: July 31, 2019